Start School

YC Startup School Week 1 Update:

– 1 Down:

Still waiting to get paid from 3 clients.

– 1 Up:

1 client paid

– Vision for Week 1:

 Meeting with Facebook’s Small Business Team in Menlo Park and learning how to best use their platforms.

– Most Important Tasks Done This Week: 

Created company folder in Google Drive. Setup Co-Founder on YC Startup School platform. Setup Automatic Check Cashing.

– Obstacles: 

Way too many tabs open / items in backlog. 

– Where I need help:

What’s the best way to incorporate? We work with independent workers. We are independent workers ourselves. However, we’re building a startup. We want to remain independent workers (freelancers) but may need to form a company (leaning towards Public Benefit Corporation) in order to get investments.

– Plan for Next Week:

Add special services and offers to Double our revenue.