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When you become a patron, you help creatives make a living and an impact on the internet. Audacious visions are launched thanks to your generous support.

From our Pay What You Want Patronage model to our Pay it Forward options, we invite everyone to support us.


Select a Suggested Pledge:

  • Clearance Level 5
    • Pay what you want each month
    • Access to the museum of scribbles
  • Clearance Level 4
    • $15/month
    • Your name & link on our love wall.
  • Clearance Level 3
    • $50/month
    • An invite to host your WordPress website with visionary
  • Clearance Level 2
    • $100/month
    • Every $50 helps a visionary launch their vision with a personal brand.ย 
  • Clearance Level 1
    • $500/month
    • Schedule a monthly 1:1 hangout with EnvisionWithJustin

Pay it Forward

Pay it forward for the next generation of visionaries to learn digital skills and establish their personal brand on the internet. This kind of generosity fuels visionary.

  • Lifetime Angel – $100,000 and above
  • Special Angel in Charge – $50,000 and above
  • Special Angel – $10,000 and above
  • Field Angel – $5,000 and above