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Looking for the best community for early-stage creatives in the world? You’ve found it! We bring the best of agency, startup, and office culture to the interwebs. Everyone can create. Everyone can visualize. However, creatives and visionaries don’t just create and visualize. They tackle obstacles which seem impossible. From establishing their online presence, hitting audacious revenue goals, launching game-changing products, and more. The impossible is possible. Join us today to learn how to make an impact and generate income on the internet. All at the intersection of education and entertainment. We’re the #1 community for creatives to perfect profitable personal brands. 

📹 How do I start?

Most interviews, applications, and assignments can be intimidating. Ours isn’t. 

No need to worry about previous experience, having the perfect portfolio, and the occasional typo or mistake. Take a good look at what we’re looking for below, breathe in and out, and share your answers. Stress-free. Simple. Be easy.

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  1. Video Interview #1 | Tell us about yourself.
    1. What’s your story?
    2. What passion projects are you currently working on?
    3. Why do you think you’d be a great fit for visionary?
  2. Video Interview #2 | Let’s talk about business.
    1. What’s your monthly revenue right now?
    2. What are your revenue goals 3 months from today?
    3. How much is visionary worth to you?
  3. Trial Weekend | Learning Lab & Studio Hours
    • Join us for a weekend of learning, sharing, and deep productivity
      1. Pitch your vision for the future.
      2. Teach us something new at a Learning Lab
      3. Focus on a passion project at a Studio Hour
  4. Proposal + Offer | Get $1 – $100 via Venmo
    • Join a Metaverse group on envisionwithjustin.com
      • Metaverse groups start at the beginning of each month
      • Configure collaboration tools
        1. visionary.enterprises Email
        2. Slack
        3. Tandem
        4. TeamBit?
        5. WordPress
        6. Patreon
        7. Google Drive
      • Play
        • Co-work with us weekly
        • Grow your personal brand
        • Collaborate on learning labs & studio hours
        • Live visionary leadership as a lifestyle
        • Invent the future of learning and work with us